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The enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise and the inexhaustible power to promote the development of the enterprise.

Core Values of Spark Interaction

Great Morality Promotes Perfect:

The enterprise advocates social morality and behavior morality;

Morality promotes goodness, goodness promotes beauty;

Spark has a strong sense of public morality and responsibility to contribute to the development of Chinese culture and art. Spark also has a strong behavior leadership style. Although it is a market leader, it is still modest and ambitious to make its mission to lead the healthy development of the industry.

The beauty that Spark yearns for is not only the art beautiful of sound and light, but also the inner beauty of greatness and purity.


Practical and Innovative:

Action guidelines for the enterprise;

Ideologically, the enterprise encourages passion and innovation to break the routine. Practically, the enterprise adheres to down-to-earth attitude and grasp the details.

The truth-seeking of Spark is a meticulous attitude towards science and persistence to pursue perfect in technology.

Innovation is based on a solid foundation of science and technology, bold in pioneering, diligent in trying, and willing to surpass; Reality is the foundation of innovation, and innovation is the goal of reality. The two factors promote and reinforce mutually.

Absorbing Advantages of Different Sides:

Behavior guidelines for enterprise creativity;

Keep cross-border thinking to look for new opportunities in different cultures and art. See more, listen more, walk more, ask more and think more, establish a broader communication platform, try more fresh and diversified consultation, contact people of different ages, occupations and regions to discover their advantages and adopt their essence;

Take inclusiveness as an attitude of open mind and tolerance. Take advantage absorption as a means to be good at observation and absorption.

Cooperative Win-win

Spark shows by action that benign market competition and constantly opening fields will not only achieve win-win results in multiple ways, but also avoid malicious competition or overdraft of the market among peers; The changing role of Spark from a technical service provider to a resource integration operator means it requires broader ecology and richer resource platform to truly achieve the goal of integration, so as to create better returns for the society, employees and shareholders.


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