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VR 360 Aircraft

日期: 2017-01-11
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   Production Introduction

   VR aircraft integrates VR virtual control with mechanical arm hardware perfectly, where users can simulate the exciting flight experience and attack enemy planes perfectly. It is a thrilling theme project with novel forms, and is a representative project for Heating Planet. Users can enter the carriage full of science fiction to control the six-degree-of-freedom mechanical arm manually to experience the motion simulation effects of rapid rise, weightlessness fall, rapid displacement, sharp turning, side-to-side swinging, forward and backward leaning, 360-degree rotation, etc to experience a novel and exciting journey.

Game Features

Multi-player online interaction and 720-degree high-definition immersion can release the battlefield from the screen size. Players can throw away the mouse to control the game characters with real body movements, millimeter-level accuracy of movement recognition without delay, second-level weapon switch and 360-degree safe and free rotation.

Project Advantage

This project covers an area of less than 20 square meters, but has a rich experience beyond 200 square meters’ theme park. It supports five people to experience together at the same time, which is five times more than ordinary VR experience devices of the same size, so as to achieve maximally five times more in revenue under the same conditions and realize "one inch of land" values "one inch of gold". The sci-fi and cool style combined with the exciting games will attract the eyesight of everyone wherever it is placed with its own publicity effect. Massive platform + exclusive content with diversified playing methods are the guarantees of players' stickiness to come back! The system is equipped with a one-button intelligent control terminal. Even if you don't have any computer knowledge, you can still operate so long as you can start it. Setting up a shop by one person is also a save of labor.

VR 360 Aircraft
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