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The Ball Screen Theatre

日期: 2017-01-11
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Project Form:

The Ball Screen Flying Theatre is mainly featured by placing tourists in the air to fly freely, which is

 one of the most attractive large-scale indoor entertainment projects. The unique suspended

 dynamic seats and giant ball screen, together with the film content, will create a real flight 

surrounded by an immersive panorama and give tourists a strong sense of excitement soaring in

 the air. The project has received good comments in a number of major theme parks in China.The

 Ball Screen Theatre is composed of suspended dynamic seats, giant metal paint-molded 

hemisphere screen with the diameter of 22m, fish-eye hemisphere digital projection system,

digital film  and integrated control system.


Project Features:

Tourists take the dynamic seats and enter the 180-degree hemispherical screen with feet dangling

 as if they were in the vast heaven and earth, where they can experience a strong sense of flying like

 overweight, weightlessness, dangling and floating through the motions of ascending, diving,

 crossing,gliding, etc.


Project Highlights:

 1. Experience of flying 2. Six-degree-of-freedom wrapping sense  3. Grand spectacular view 4. Various

 original seat suspension modes


Project Layout:




Project parameters:



The Ball Screen Theatre
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