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Environment 4D Theatre

日期: 2017-01-11
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Project Form:

Environment 4D Theatre is based on ordinary 4D theatre plus such technologies as living

 environment modeling, lighting atmosphere creation, mechanical transmission, etc. to provide

 tourists with three-dimensional sensory experience as well as dedicate scene modeling art 

combining virtual and realistic scenes. The realistic virtual space integrating the interactive

 elements of sound, light, electricity, gas and water, together with the 4D theatre with 

omnidirectional immersion newly created according to the story theme, will immerse tourists

 in a realistic virtual space to participate in the game interaction other than feeling the shock

 brought by the film.

Project Features:

Sitting in dynamic seats, tourists will start an adventure with figures in the plot amid the film 

environment combining sound, light, electricity, gas, water and other interactive stunt elements.

Project Highlights:

1. Abundant environment stunts enhancing the sense of interaction ; 2. Perfect sensory experience



Environment 4D Theatre
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