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Magic Theatre

日期: 2017-01-11
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Project Form:

The Magic Theatre takes high-tech means and applies such technologies as stage lighting, optical

 imaging, film and television interaction and environmental special effects to bring the audience a

 magical world full of fantasy and adventure. Real actors will enter a virtual scene, appearing and

 disappearing on the stage mysteriously, to take tourists into a magical world full of fantasy and

 adventure matched by stunt performance of sound, light and electric props.

Project Features:

The Magic Theatre presents a fantastic performance by means of such stage effects as holographic

 projection technology, mechanical stunt and lighting array.


Project Highlights:

1. Scene change realized by the background of the rear projection stage

2. The combination of virtuality and reality immerses tourists in the scene

3. Multi-layer stereo imaging blurs the boundaries of virtuality and reality

4. Abundant field special effects enhance field interaction

5. 360-degree holographic and high-definition projection techniques are applied to work closely 

with the actors on the scene


Magic Theatre
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