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Multi-functional Environment Stunt Talk Show

日期: 2017-01-11
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Project Form:

The traditional cartoon talk show adopts the form of video interaction combining 3D

 imaging, smoke, lightning, bubbles and other environment effects to bring the virtual

 cartoon figures to players to greet, chat and play simple interactive games with tourists.

Players can experience a lively and interesting talk show from the novel form and funny

 characters of the project. On the basis of traditional cartoon talk shows, a multi-functional 

environment stunt show theater integrating talk show performance, entertainment education

 and competitive interaction is created through environment theme packaging, multi-screen linkage, 

live mechanical stunt, multi-functional stage, lighting stunt and rich live interactive games.

Project Features:

1. 3D virtual figure performance + chatting + game interaction + live special effects;

2. Special effects such as screen impact effect of the starring hall, live fragrance spraying,

 projection, direct bubble making in the hall, etc;

3. All ages available with simple and easy chatting contents; 4. Strong continuity of project;

5. Negotiate with the merchants on the production and sales of related doll figures to expand

 publicity and influence.

Project Highlights:

1. Touch screen control interface; 2. Synchronization of voice control and expression; 3.Three-screen

 linkage system; 4.Multi-function talk show; 5. Presupposition of festival theme


Multi-functional Environment Stunt Talk Show
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