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Light and Shadow Interactive Dance

日期: 2017-01-11
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Project Form:

Combining multimedia, dynamic somatosensory interception, interactive software and acousto-optic

 performance technology, this project adopts the form of reality teaching, which can

 accommodate many people for dance learning at the same time and record dance information of

 trainees to give corresponding scores in time. The project contains training and competition, and

 will make a comprehensive ranking for trainees at the end. The project can be decorated according

 to different themes with acousto-optic light to create an atmosphere, so that the trainees can learn

 dancing in a theme environment to enhance the sense of substitution in the environment, and make

 the atmosphere of dance learning easier and contextual.




Project Features:

Trainees learn dancing in the theme environment created by multimedia, dynamic somatosensory

 interception, interactive software, and acousto-optic performance technology.




Project Highlights:

Multiple people competing together. 2. Virtual and reality scenery packaging to simulate theme environment


Light and Shadow Interactive Dance
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