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VR Snow Mountain Peak

日期: 2017-01-11
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Product Introduction

VR Snow Mountain Peak is a project challenging self-courage. In order to get gifts or bonus, tourists must pass the suspension bridge between the unfathomable abyss and experience the test of climate changes of hurricane snowflakes and freezing cold air. The whole process is 3 minutes, including live special effects, hurricane simulation, snowflake special effects, suspension bridge special effects,

VR virtual environment simulation system, etc.

Game Features

With super real natural environment, the product supports current mainstream VR helmet equipment in the market to bring tourists the most realistic immersive experience. At Snow Mountain Peak, you can experience the breathtaking outdoor natural environment in the safe indoor environment, which will be the cradle of your courage to overcome fear.

Project Advantage

An individual experience equipment of Snow Mountain Peak covers an area of 25 square meters, and the virtual show room is perfectly adapted to various places such as commercial complex and amusement arcade, which can fit the places well and is economical. The Snow Mountain Peak is a closed experience project with mysterious colors to make people feel nervous and excited, which has its own publicity effect to attract tourists without invitation. Research by authorities shows that real natural experience projects can bring 25 times more profits to merchants than indoor games, with tap water players being far ahead and daily income beyond imagination. The Snow Mountain Peak project concentrates the thrilling and exciting feels in 4 minutes, and the good experience attracts players in an endless stream to bring you money easily.

VR Snow Mountain Peak
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