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VR Bicycle

日期: 2017-01-11
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Product Introduction

Naturally, the core of VR Bicycle system is an indoor bicycle integrating a large number of sensors to realize movement monitoring and supporting virtual reality head-mounted displays, where participants can enjoy physical and mental pleasure while taking exercises and caring for their health. This is a classic project skillfully using bicycle mountain topography, competition and other game technologies to fully realize self-challenge.

Game Features

A game with splendid and diversified playing methods integrating adventure, bravery test, racing, design and free exploration to meet various requirements of players, equipped with top hardware and super configuration, and based on the cutting-edge HTC Vive and Oculus double platforms to provide superior VR experience. It has got rid of the constraint of cable and adopts i7 + GTX980 high-performance backpack computer to realize free exploration in the virtual world. The realistic environment special effects support wind blowing, earthquake, etc. to enhance the presence greatly.

Project Advantages

Statistics of back-end point deduction, integration and analysis of operation data, cloud distribution of the latest VR content and continuous updating of experience content allow you to earn money quickly and easily. The interface is simple to operate under installation personnel’s explanation and training, even if you can just start computer without knowing much about it. The system has dozens of security monitoring programs, and is of extremely high stability to protect the funds and interests of merchants. The system version can upgrade automatically without complex operation by merchants. Your leading position in the industry will be guaranteed with our all-round on-line and off-line after-sales service of equipment maintenance, content update, system upgrade, etc, and your profit will be more steady and worriless with our profession support as well as marketing through both traditional media and the current popular network media.

VR Bicycle
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