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Second-generation 9D Egg Chair

日期: 2017-01-11
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Product Introduction

The latest upgraded Second-generation 9D Egg Chair of Heating Planet, being more fashionable in appearance, is equipped with Oculus Rift CV1 helmet, 1080 * 1200 pixels OLED display with monocular resolution, 110 degrees of viewing angle and 90 Hz refresh rate. Besides hardware upgrade, and the content production is the original high-definition content by the Heating Planet team, instead of the network download source. The Second-generation 9D Chair has also fully upgraded the panoramic sound effects or shock effects, which is the most popular device in VR Experience Store.

Project Advantage

The eye-catching prospective design with mysterious appearance has obtained design patent to attract customer's sight instantly. This project has a wide audience of all ages, which can improve the rate of entry easily and obtain efficient returns quickly. The VR interactive experience system provides monthly-updated VR films comparable to the blockbusters with exclusive copyrights, which are the key to guarantee continuous profitability.

Team Advantage

Heating Planet is ready to provide you the most professional operation supports to meet your needs in one stop, from store scheme design, site installation and debugging to comprehensive management training, marketing activity planning, and further to equipment maintenance support and content system upgrading. 

Second-generation 9D Egg Chair
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