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Planning and Design of Museum and Science Technology Museum

日期: 2017-11-27
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Project Introduction:

Museum: A cultural phenomenon of reconstruction and innovation based on culture as an element, integrating multiple cultures, sorting out related disciplines, and using different carriers. Considering attendees as the main audience, in the planning and design of museum, memorial and other cultural and creative exhibition halls, we will take the public communication effect of culture as the starting point and "reinterpret" the multifarious cultural concept into a simple content in combination with multimedia visual technology to make it an excellent media.

Science Technology Museum: Science and technology are people-oriented, and experience is the core. Science and technology shall combine with industry, art, science and culture. While realizing the perfect combination of digital display and artistic display, the science and technology exhibition hall will interpret and display science and technology, make constant innovation, display flexible contents to promote science and technology, strengthen regional scientific and technological advantages to create a distinctive science and technology museum with participating, experiencing and interactive exhibits as well as auxiliary display means, which has achieved strong attraction and market operation effect and won unanimous praise from the industry and customers.


Project characteristics:

Technology show, interactive entertainment experience

Consumption is closed, income model is built

Construction, the stage of the whole process


Our Advantage:

  1. Excellent planning scheme: practical experience + super creativity

  2. Independent research and development of multimedia products: strong executive power + core production technology

  3. Advanced multimedia exhibition capability: excellent planning scheme + independent research of multimedia products

Planning and Design of Museum and Science Technology Museum
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