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Flying Ball Screen of “Havoc in Heaven” of Journey to the West in Huai’an

Flying Ball Screen of “Havoc in Heaven” of Journey to the West in Huai’an

日期: 2017-12-21
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Introduction of Flying Ball Screen Theatre:

     Flying Theater, also known as Ball Screen Theater, is a typical project of ball screen carrier, as well as one of the most attractive large entertainment projects in current theme parks.

The unique suspended dynamic seat matched with the contents of the giant ball screen film can create an immersive panorama encirclement, which is very suitable for presenting the flying over magnificent scenes and soaring in the sky. The rapid drop in weightlessness in flight and the excitement of shuttling through the canyon abyss enable tourists to experience the incomparable feeling of flying in the air.


Innovation Points:

Four-dimensional Journey to the West

   On the basis of the original work of Journey to the West, the project has built four three-dimensional spaces, namely, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, the Penglai Fairyland, the Submarine Dragon Palace and the Ninth Heaven, with different scenes, colors, atmosphere and seasons. The spaces are subdivided into more than 20 small scenes with distinct sceneries, which will surely bring tourists an extraordinary visual feast.

Flying Fairy and Demon Competition

   On the basis of wonder display of traditional flying ball screen, this project follows the theme of "Havoc in Heaven" and highlights the word "havoc" to focus on the flying combat between Sun Wukong and the fairies. Tourists can fly in the air with Sun Wukong to experience the thrilling combat between fairy and demon. 

Complete Plot Spreading Positive Energy

  Spreading the positive energy of Journey to the West, understanding the balance between "freedom" and "rule".

   Traditional flying ball screens seldom have plots, but mostly are pure scenery display. In this project, tourists will enter the world of the book as onlookers to experience the creation of Sun Wukong by Wu Cheng’en, and witness the “free growth” of Sun Wukong to make himself a king, and then follow him to "break the rules" to make havoc in the heaven, where they can enjoy unlimited scenery and experience exciting combats, while understanding the value of "freedom" and "rules".

Snatch-type Dynamic Platform

    In this project, we adopt the snatch-type dynamic platform, which is more secure, reliable and convenient to repair than the flip-type platform. If there is any fault with flip platform, the whole project must be stopped for maintenance, while the snatch-type dynamic platform is divided into several groups so that each group can operate independently. Once there is any fault in operation, only the fault platform needs to be repaired separately, without affecting the operation of the project.


Creative Thinking:

The project is drawn from the segment of Havoc in Heaven of "Journey to the West". On the basis of the original plot, it makes reasonable association and upgrade focusing on the characteristics of the flying ball screen. When entering the "Journey to the West" by Wu Cheng’en, tourists will follow Sun Wukong to fly in the sky, shuttle through the magnificent and magical world of magic, and participate in the exciting havoc in Heaven to understand the value of "freedom" and "rules" through a series of actions of Sun Wukong advocating freedom and breaking the rules, and appreciate the infinite human charm contained in "Journey to the West".


Plot Outline

   Tourists travel to the world of "Journey to the West", which is being compiled by Wu Cheng’en, to experience the creation process of Sun Wukong, witness the free growth to Monkey King, follow him to break the rules and steal treasure from the Dragon Palace, change the death book, and make himself the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. The Heaven was furious, and the Jade Emperor dispatched hundreds of thousands of heaven soldiers to trod down the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits! Sun Wukong led seven Great Sages and held an iron bar to ride the clouds into the sky and fight against the fairies. He defeated the Mighty Miracle God in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, combated Nezha 3rd Prince in the Linglong Tower, overturned the alchemy stove in the Doushuai Palace, teased Yang Jian with seventy-two metamorphoses in the Crystal Palace, and fought against one hundred thousand heaven soldiers in the Lingxiao Palace. However, Wukong wreaked such a catastrophe that it was hard to predict the fate.

Introduction to key roles:




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