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Environment Stunt Talk Show of “Gourmet Adventure” in Huai’an Journey to the West

Environment Stunt Talk Show of “Gourmet Adventure” in Huai’an Journey to the West

日期: 2017-12-21
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Multi-functional Environment Stunt Talk Show Theatre:

On the basis of the traditional cartoon talk show theater, we will combine the Journey to the West culture with high technology boldly to create a multi-functional environment stunt talk show theater integrating competition, teaching and marriage through the application of three-screen linkage, festival theme customization and multi-functional stage theme.


This project is not only a gourmet talk show theater, but also a multi-functional talk show theater with a high degree of freedom and diversified methods of play.

In-depth cooperation is carried out with local TV stations, schools, websites, enterprises and even individuals to launch regular talk show theaters themed by dating, gourmet competition, birthday party and cooking classroom, which can expand the popularity as well as extra income of the theater and bring new audio-visual interactive experiences to tourists.


Project Scenario Introduction:

After returning from the journey to the west, the four characters returned to the ashrams respectively. Pig Bajie, the Celestial Servant, was eager for delicious food in the world and was warmly invited by the Dragon King to devote himself to studying Chinese and western food culture in the royal kitchen of the dragon palace. All his words were cited from the classics and related to food. The friends from all over the world who were interested in food were warmly welcomed to visit, exchange and taste to explore the ultimate meaning of food together.



Character Profile:

Pig Bajie (virtual character):

Talk show host, gourmet master of Gaolaozhuang. He was invited to devote himself to the study of "The No. 1 Taste Under Heaven" in the royal kitchen of the Dragon Palace. At present, even his talking and action are closely related to food, funny and meaningful. Bajie warmly welcomes friends from all over the world to interact and taste the gourmet together.


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