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Hengdian Dark Ride “Advent of Dragon Emperor”

Hengdian Dark Ride “Advent of Dragon Emperor”

日期: 2017-12-22
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“Advent of Dragon Emperor: is a 4D Dark Ride riding experience project located in the Palace of Emperor Qin of Hengdian World Studios, which is the landscape of the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang in the Hollywood blockbuster “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. The project takes the historic culture of Emperor Qin's Terra Cotta Warriors as the background and is created with the expression form of international blockbusters.

Story Set


      In the Warring States period of ancient China, the governors fought endlessly over land and power. The most powerful state of Qin destroyed one vassal state after another and finally established a unified empire. Ying Zheng, the King of Qin, claimed to be the first emperor and dreamed that the empire would last forever. However, after accomplishing the ambition to conquer the world, Ying Zheng, like other ordinary people, was gradually aging. In order to live beyond life and death and find immortality, he sent his confidant general, Guo Ming, to seek for the method of immortality everywhere. After years of hard work, Guo Ming finally found the legendary Saint Zi Yuan who knew the method of immortality. Guo Ming took Zi Yuan back to report the emperor. Emperor Qin was overjoyed when he learned that he could live forever, but when he saw the alluring beauty of Zi Yuan, he wanted to occupy her as well. Zi Yuan told the emperor that the method of immortality was recorded in the oracle bone script, so the emperor assigned Guo Ming to escort Zi Yuan to search for the script. In the process, Guo Ming and Zi Yuan fell in love and made eternal vows. When Zi Yuan brought back the script and enchanted the emperor for immortality, the emperor killed Guo Ming cruelly because of his love with Zi Yuan. Seeing the death of her beloved, Zi Yuan was sad and angered. She cursed the emperor with the power of script, turning him into a statue of stone, and sealed it with his brutal army in the tomb…


Character Design


Guo Ming

A general of Emperor Qin Shihuang, who was ordered to seek for the method of immortality, and fell in love with Saint Zi Yuan, who guarded the fountain of immortality. He was killed by Emperor Qin Shihuang later but was saved by Zi Yuan with her life. For thousands of years, he has been guaranteeing the seal of the tomb from being removed.



 Emperor Qin Shihuang

The first emperor in Chinese history. After unifying the country, he had the greatest wish to seek for the method of immortality regardless any price. He finally got the water of immortality, but was cursed by Zi Yuan and sealed in the ground.


Sand Giant

Guo Ming took advantage of the divine power of ancient script to become an enormous sand giant. When attacked, he can instantly regroup, and his bodies can change shape as needed.


Three-headed Dragon

The ultimate form of Emperor Qin Shihuang after absorbing the power of the fountain of life. On the basis of the black dragon, his body became larger and grew three dragon heads, each with a slightly different appearance and ability.


Single-headed Black Dragon

The huge black dragon form turned by Emperor Qin Shihuang. It has a huge body and can ride clouds and spit fire and mist.



Tomb Guarding Mythical Beast

A huge mythical beast sculpture guarding the tomb, but was enchanted to reborn by Emperor Qin Shihuang to chase us.


General of Qin

One of the terra-cotta warriors guarding the tomb. He was huge and called the first warrior of Qin, using a special meteor hammer as a weapon, which had a special inner structure that the connecting part between the handle and the sphere of the meteor hammer could be disassembled and lengthened to expand the attack range. There was an ejector button at the spine tail of the sphere, and the spine also carries a large number of poisonous needles. Every time it was ejected, there will be poisonous needles all over the sky.



Terra Cotta Warriors

Before death, they were an invincible army of the Qin Dynasty, but sealed with Emperor Qin Shihuang in the tomb. They attacked us when awakened by the unsealed Emperor Qin.

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