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  • Zhang jie -- general manager
    Zhang jie -- general manager
    2017 - 01 - 04
    Senior computer artist, multimedia and entertainment designer, joined Hong Kong wankuan computer art co., LTD in 2004;Project experience;Participated in the production of "han cheng strategy", "children's dream", "new police story", "the first character D", "the great saint of love", "huo yuan a", "life and death DOA", "fatal violet" and other well-known films at home and abroad.In 2008, I entered the stage multimedia industry and participated in the planning and production of multi-media content of large-scale musical dramas such as "charming xiangxi", "colorful guizhou" and the opening and closing ceremony of guangzhou Asian games.
  • Tang haishen -- film director
    Tang haishen -- film director
    2017 - 01 - 04
    11 years of production and management of film and television, animation, with profound CG film and television production experience; Multimedia entertainment senior designer.Project experience:Production management of 4D films including castle of magic, beyond the limit, conch's bay, the future police, the dinosaur crisis, the origin of life, the secret island, the universe fair, the magic ball, and jungle cinema.Production and management of cartoon series such as "bear haunted", "bear haunted", "the adventures of du bi", "du bi farm", "12 animals of the zodiac" and "dinosaur crisis".
  • Zhao zhan -- creative director
    Zhao zhan -- creative director
    2017 - 01 - 04
    Worked as editor leader of shenzhen publishing and distribution group and worked as project planner of shenzhen huaqiang culture and technology group industry research institute;Project experience production: LIFE, the third color, pull lights and many other award-winning animated short films.Responsible for the first full-length animation of fixed frames in China: the script creation of xi xi munk.In shenzhen huaqiang digital animation co., LTD., I was responsible for the script creation and project management of large-scale 3D long animation projects, such as the dinosaur crisis, 12 animals of the zodiac series, the haunted bear series, and 2D long animation series, such as the Monkey King series and chickens are not easy to mess with.In shenzhen huaqiang culture & technology group i...
  • Wang hao -- artistic director
    Wang hao -- artistic director
    2017 - 01 - 04
    11 years of art design and management of theme parks, films, and games. Have profound experience in CG film and television art design.Multimedia entertainment senior designerProject experience:The art design work of shenzhen huaqiang animation series such as conch bay, dinosaur crisis and mysterious island.Changzhou play valley is responsible for the early stage art design of the role scenes of special films and the real scene packaging design of the park. Successfully complete the environmentDesign and management of 4D films such as "conch bay" and magic theatre "magic legend".Participated in hengdian film city dark ride "dragon emperor jing Lin", environment 4D "jungle cinema", the ball screen cinemaThe empire. Suqian skyscreen theater "dragon...
  • Wang meng -- software engineer
    Wang meng -- software engineer
    2017 - 01 - 04
    Proficient in labview project engineering development software, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Proficient in Windows operating system;Familiar with computer network; Software testing, project debugging, lighting debugging, project development, test case design methods, testingImplementation and defect tracking and WBS engineering; Familiar with project management process.Project experience Qingdao car project: adventures of qinling mausoleumBig magic theater: the Monkey KingTalk show: the 12 zodiacShenyang film interpretation project: magic theaterZhengzhou car project: cosmic expositionBig theater of magic: song of flightXiamen car project: magic castleWuhu car project: dinosaur crisis, AGV automatic navigation system4D cinema: "the spiral"Magic theater: liaozhaiTaian car project: ...
  • Feng zhijian -- mechanical engineer
    Feng zhijian -- mechanical engineer
    2017 - 01 - 04
    Engaged in mechanical equipment development for many years, able to independently develop complete mechanical equipment, skilled use of AUTO CAD, PRO/E, SOLIDWORKSLine design, motion simulation, parts force analysis, screw, slide rail, P ac motor, stepper motor, servo motor, cylinder, electric cylinder, etc.Project experience:Main project experiences: "flying over the limit", "universe expo", "dinosaur crisis", "magic theatre"Responsible for the design and debugging of the mechanical structure of the project equipment (such as simulation robot, bionic robot, elevator, etc.)It's a development job. Compile parts list, design calculation instruction, operation and maintenance instruction, etc
  • Li rudan -- senior electrical engineer
    Li rudan -- senior electrical engineer
    2017 - 01 - 04
    Project experience;Electrical design and PLC/touch screen programming experience for non-standard automation equipment! Able to design and program all kinds of non-standard automation equipment independently! Be proficient in mitsubishi, omron, Simon, delta PLC programming, proficient in veilan, mitsubishi touch screen programming!Proficient in frequency converter, stepper motor, servo motor, temperature control module, hydraulic proportional valve, analog input and output module, visual system, pneumatic system, optical fiber and various sensor applications! Strong ability of organization, coordination and management; Proficient in Word, Excel, Cad, SolidWorks and other office software! Familiar with "ISO9000" quality management system and "7S"!
  • Liang yfei -- minister of virtual reality
    Liang yfei -- minister of virtual reality
    2017 - 01 - 09
    Liang yfei, product design major, 10 years of product research and development experience, successively engaged in the field of film and television, IT and Internet.Now we are focusing on the research and development of VR entertainment.Project case:VR bike, VR snow mountain suspension bridge, holographic apparition imaging, digital interactive ball screen.I began to study patents in 2006, and I have rich practical experience in every link from technical invention to practical application of patents.Have a deep understanding of patents, multi-project patent inventors. Have a keen strategic vision for products and technologies.Excellent project development/planning, technology integration, product innovation ability.

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